Our Vision

We see consumers as unique individuals with highly specific, personal preferences. Our proprietary data-driven Marketing and Media solutions target your audiences utilizing analysis from rich, relevant data insights, consumer behaviors, personal preferences, and demographics.

Our Precision & Recall targeting model allows opTi to market at a more personal level which increases reach and engagement rates, reduces the Cost Per Action, and ensures a positive brand experience across your entire campaign.

Trust, Teams & Tools

Whether we initiate a project or engage midway through, our teams solve business challenges with trusted data-driven insights and strategies built from years of driving performance.

Our client partnerships provide the diverse range of on-demand expertise needed to create, launch, and support each campaign with research, data, and strategy.



We develop and execute comprehensive, data-driven marketing plans that utilize innovative, responsive, and targeted engagement tactics aligned to reach your intended audience.


Media Management

We strategize, purchase, place, and manage campaigns across all digital and traditional platforms, including display, social media, native, connected TV, dOOH, and paid search.


Organizational Development

We provide assessments and develop solutions for your business processes, policies, and workflows. We integrate technologies to increase efficiency and benefit your corporate goals.



From crafting a simple banner ad to reimagining your brand, our design teams will coordinate, art direct, write, and develop concepts that bring your brand’s language to life.



Research is the key to opTi's data focused approach. We provide in-depth analysis of the target market to create campaign strategies, execution plans, and tactics needed to build reach and drive engagement.


Brand Development

We evaluate and research your brand to develop a brand platform that defines your positioning strategy, core values, and purpose to create a distinct and ownable position for your brand in the marketplace.

advertising channels

We strategize, plan, and execute paid & earned media campaigns across all advertising channels.

Activation specialists for every channel

In a digital world of social noise, a customized media activation strategy is needed for your brand to break through. Our strategic approach involves a broad analysis of your brand, competitors, industry trends, and the market to create a media plan that connects your campaign to the right audiences within each channel. 


Online advertising media opportunities exist in a wide range of digital channels, including display, mobile, native, video, search, and social.

  • Programmatic Open Web & App
  • Private Marketplace (PMP)
  • Direct Network
  • Native
  • Search
  • Amazon Acceleration Program
  • Amazon Advertising


This channel offers more benefits beyond reach, it can unify ad buys across linear and streaming TV with smarter measurement and additional controls.

  • Connected TV (CTV)
  • Over the Top (OTT)
  • Linear Addressable TV
  • Linear TV
  • Earned TV Media

Social Media

Effective social media channel strategies are built from data-driven insights to ensure a relevant, targeted approach for each campaign.

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Social Community Management


Email is an effective media channel because it allows you to engage audiences on a higher level by providing personalized content.

  • Internal Email List/CRM Marketing & Remarketing
  • Prospecting B2C Email Database Marketing
  • Prospecting B2B Email Database Marketing


Programmatic audio advertising channels allow campaigns to reach inventory by age, gender, location, musical taste, or third-party data.

  • Streaming Audio
    - Spotify
    - Pandora
    - SoundCloud
    - iHeart Radio
  • Terrestrial Radio
  • Earned Audio Media

Out of Home (OOH)

Out of home advertising can be a brilliant addition to digital advertising. OOH ads can have a significant impact on consumers due to their size and contrast to the real-world environment.

  • Digital Out of Home (dOOH)
  • Traditional Out of Home


Print media channels offer marketers the opportunity to find the right home for their messaging in print publications that reach specific audiences.

  • B2C Postal Database Marketing
  • B2B Postal Database Marketing
  • Newspaper
  • Magazine
  • Earned Print Media